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How to Deal With The Surface Color of Iron Flower Rack
2019-03-08 16:46:13

Iron flower stand surface coloring treatment: Iron flower stand coloring not only gives various colors, increases the variety of products, but also improves the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of wrought iron flower stands. So how should the wrought iron flower frame be carefully crafted?

How to color the flower stand

    1) Basic treatment, in order to make the paint film firm in the future, the first process is to clean the surface of the iron. The method of treatment can use the tool to remove the original residual paint, pull the surface of the wrought iron surface, and use the wire brush or the sand skin to polish the surface, so that the surface is cleaned and then roughened, and the adhesion area of the primer is increased.

    2) The wrought iron flower stand should be cleaned and cleaned. There are special chemical products, which can also be pickled. If the quantity is not much, it can be cleaned by conventional cleaning method.

    3) Iron flower stand spray (brush) primer, the role of the primer is to prevent oxidation of the metal surface, and the second is to firmly connect the top coat and the metal. There are several primers.

    4) Iron flower stand topcoat. Because it is in the open air, on the one hand, it requires the weather resistance of the paint film, on the other hand, it is extremely difficult to use the paint with the strongest paint. Therefore, it is recommended that you use polyurethane paint, which is a two-component paint with curing agent. Baking, it can be cured thoroughly with its curing agent at room temperature.

5) Iron flower stand Whether spraying or brushing any kind of paint, it should be divided into 3-5 times of construction, one time can not be painted too thick, and then painted once before drying. The most common problem for novices is that they are painted too much at one time, causing "sag", which is neither beautiful nor strong.