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Iron Flower Stand "Skin" Maintenance is very Important
2019-02-27 13:17:32

Iron flower stand "skin" maintenance is very important

Iron flower stands have now been widely used in home decoration. However, most consumers don't know about it, let alone maintain it. When selecting the wrought iron flower stand, it should be based on the smooth surface and good anti-rust effect.

Although the wrought iron flower stand is very hard, it should be avoided during installation and use. This is because if the anti-rust paint on the surface is destroyed, the wrought iron flower stand is easy to rust, so it is found that the paint peel is peeled off during use, and it is timely repaired with a special "repair paint" to avoid rust. The iron flower stand is made of cast iron, so it should not be used in a damp environment as much as possible, and pay attention to waterproof and moisture. If spots appear on the surface fading, it should be repaired in time to avoid affecting the overall beauty of the wrought iron flower stand. Article source: Iron flower stand

Iron flower stand faded

How to buy a good product of iron flower stand?

1. Select the size of the wrought iron flower stand according to the spatial pattern

 Iron flower stands are available in different sizes. Before purchasing, you should determine the placement of the wrought iron flower stand, the size of the space, and then choose the appropriate size of the iron flower stand.

 2, according to the needs of the choice of wrought iron frame material

The iron flower stand has different materials such as wooden, iron and root carving. When consumers purchase, they can choose different materials of iron flower stand according to the potted plants and interior decoration.

 3. Choose different wrought iron flower stands according to the installation form

The iron flower stand has two installation methods, mobile and wall-mounted. If it is to be installed on the wall, you can choose the wall-mounted type. If it is placed on the balcony, you can choose to move it.

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