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Learn About Wrought Iron Furniture Knowledge
2019-02-27 10:20:58

Wrought iron furniture refers to furniture made of metal products that are artistically processed as the main material or partial decorative materials.

1. Production of wrought iron furniture

The material of wrought iron furniture is mainly iron, and there are also fabrics and solid wood. In the home space with wood products as the main body, the use of wrought iron coffee table, glass dining table, leisure chair, flower stand and other furnishings as a highlight match has become the choice of most families.

The craft of wrought iron furniture: wrought iron furniture is also called metal furniture. The materials can be obtained by stamping, forging, casting, molding, boring, welding and other processing techniques. The surface treatment is carried out by secondary processing such as electroplating, spraying, and plastic coating. Then, it is generally installed by a variety of connection methods such as welding, screwing, and pinning.

Iron furniture life

2, the characteristics of wrought iron furniture

Iron furniture is suitable for living in a modern style room. The following is a detailed introduction to the characteristics of wrought iron furniture.


Iron furniture has a long service life. In addition to the characteristics of iron itself, wrought iron furniture will be coated on the outer layer to prevent oxidation and thus have anti-aging characteristics.

Strong collocation

Wrought iron furniture is known for its combination of “metal + fabric” and “metal + solid wood”. No matter which combination method, you can find a suitable matching method, and the decorative effect is outstanding.

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