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Painting Encyclopedia of Tieyi Flower Frame
2019-03-08 16:32:48

As a new type of flower stand, the iron flower stand has won the trust and recognition of users. The iron flower stand has replaced other backward traditional wooden flower stands and slowly approached the lives of modern people. Here are some precautions for wrought iron flower painting:

When the iron flower stand is painted, the correct method must be adopted to ensure the brightness of the surface of the wrought iron flower stand and ensure the long-term use of the iron flower stand.

New wrought iron flower stand

Precautions for wrought iron flower painting: The characteristics of artificial painting are: simple tool, convenient application, saving paint, easy to grasp, and strong flexibility. The disadvantages are: high labor intensity and low productivity. For quick-drying paints, the applicability is poor. If the operation is not skilled, the paint film is prone to cracks, sag and unevenness.

Before painting, the paint must be evenly mixed and adjusted to the appropriate viscosity. Generally, it is judged by experience: after lifting with a brush, the natural drop of each minute is 30-50 drops/min. Less dip and more brush, from top to bottom, from left to right, first inside and outside, first obliquely straight, first difficult, easy to apply, vertical and horizontal brushing.

The last time you apply the brush should be noted: for vertical surfaces should be from top to bottom, for horizontal surfaces should be in the direction of light.