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The Artistic Color of the Iron Flower Stand
2019-03-06 09:00:39

Features of wrought iron furniture wrought iron flower stand, European wrought iron flower stand image:

The iron-made materials constitute a frame of a certain shape for the home decoration equipment that the climbing plants climb. The iron flower stand can decorate the bonsai. The iron flower stand depicts the origin and growth habits of the plants to be planted in order to invent the conditions and appearances suitable for plant growth.

The technical characteristics of the interior wrought iron flower stand, the image of the indoor wrought iron flower stand:

1. The appearance of the wrought iron flower stand can reduce and prevent the corrosion of the metal surface, and the technical implementation process of the decoration function is called the protection and decoration of the appearance of the wrought iron flower stand. As far as wrought iron products are concerned, they are usually selected for external protection and decoration.

2, metal protective layer: the surface of the wrought iron flower stand is coated with a layer of metal or alloy that is not easy to rust, such as zinc, tin, nickel, chromium, copper, titanium and so on. Commonly used methods are: electroplating, spraying, hot dip plating, etc., but the metal protective layer used on the wrought iron flower stand should usually be hot dip galvanized.

3. Chemical protective layer: chemical and electrochemical methods are used to make the outer surface of the wrought iron flower frame form a protective layer of non-metal film, such as blackening, bluening and phosphate treatment.

The protective layer obtained by the above several methods has both a protective effect and a certain decorative effect. However, for the wrought iron flower stand, the vast users are increasingly demanding the appearance of the wrought-iron flower stand not only to prevent rust, but also to have a variety of different textures, three-dimensional sense or distressed, antique and other artistic effects, perhaps rich appearance. Therefore, on the basis of the above, it is more and more important to select the paint brand with the strongest affinity and the most aging resistance from the thousands of kinds of paints currently on the market and the reasonable application methods. As long as the targeted selection will only get the decoration effect of the reservation and reduce the amount of protection work after several years.

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