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To create a literary and stylish home, iron furniture is very important, but pay attention to 5 maintenance and cleaning tips
2020-03-18 14:51:31

To create a literary and stylish home, iron furniture is very important, but pay attention to 5 maintenance and cleaning tipsIron furniture

When decorating, you will definitely choose a variety of furniture. You need to set the decoration style before the decoration, so that you can be more confident in choosing the furniture. For example, some families will choose wrought-iron furniture, but although wrought-iron furniture is more textured, maintenance also requires experience and skills, especially to prevent wrought-iron furniture from rusting, which will shorten the use time.

Use a soft bristle brush to remove the dust

Iron furniture also has dust, and the dust must be cleaned up carefully. For some stains on the surface, you can use a clean soft towel, then apply a mild detergent, and slowly wipe the dust. However, there are some recessed areas. The dust in these areas is not easy to wipe off. Therefore, you can use a soft fur brush to brush slowly. The dust in the gap can also be wiped off.

Oiling to prevent iron rust

Iron furniture is most afraid of rust, so you need to be prepared for rust prevention. Still use a clean soft cloth, then apply some anti-rust oil and wipe it directly on the surface of iron furniture. In fact, the sewing machine oil can also prevent rust. This kind of rust prevention work needs to be done once every few months. In addition, if you find a little rust, you need to clean it up and remove it as soon as possible, otherwise the rust surface will become bigger and bigger.

Use cotton yarn oil to remove rust

If the iron tools are rusted, do not use sandpaper to wipe and sand, it will easily damage the furniture. However, you can use cotton yarn, then apply some oil to the rusty area, apply it for a while, and then wipe it directly. Of course, this method can only target a small amount of rust. If the rust is more serious, you need a professional People come to repair.

Don't use soapy water to wipe furniture

When cleaning articles, many people think of soapy water first, so they also use soapy water to clean iron furniture. Although it can be said that the surface can be cleaned, the soapy water contains alkali components, and chemical reactions will occur with ironwork. Easy to cause iron furniture to rust. If you accidentally get soapy water on it, wipe it off with a cotton cloth.

Always pay attention to protection

In addition to anti-rust work, iron furniture's usual protection is also very important. For example, do not drip oil on it. To do moisture-proof work, you must buy qualified iron furniture when you buy it. longer.

The several methods mentioned above must be well mastered, so although iron furniture is good-looking and textured, maintenance is very important, otherwise the use time will be shortened and it will become ugly after rusting. In fact, regardless of the furniture made of the above materials, they must be well maintained, you can ask the seller maintenance methods when buying.

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