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What are the purchasing methods and advantages and disadvantages of iron furniture?
2020-04-23 15:21:21

    From a literal point of view, iron furniture is a household appliance; in some places, it is called furniture, that is, household debris.

To be precise, iron artists are broad and narrow.

Iron furniture in a broad sense refers to a class of appliances essential for humans to maintain a normal life, engage in production practices, and carry out social activities.

Narrow iron furniture refers to a class of appliances and equipment for people to sit, lie on or support and store items in the effects of life, work or social practice.

How to buy iron furniture and its advantages and disadvantagesiron furnitureCharacteristics of wrought iron furniture

Furniture is not only a simple functional material product, but also a widely popular art. It needs to satisfy some specific uses, as well as for people to watch. Aesthetic pleasure and the spiritual need to trigger rich associations.

Iron furniture is both a material product and an artistic creation. This is the dual characteristic of furniture that people often say.

The type, quantity, function, form, style, and production level of iron furniture, as well as the occupation at that time, also reflected the social lifestyle of a country and region in a certain historical period, the level of social material civilization, and historical and cultural characteristics.

Iron furniture is a sign of the development level of social productive forces in a certain country or region in a certain historical period. It is the epitome of a certain lifestyle and the manifestation of a certain cultural form. Therefore, the furniture has a rich and profound sociality.

How to buy iron furniture and its advantages and disadvantages

Furniture is composed of four factors: material, structure, appearance form and function. Among them, function is the guide and the driving force for the development of furniture. Structure is the backbone and the basis for realizing functions. These four factors are interrelated and restrict each other. Because the furniture is designed and manufactured to meet people's certain material needs and use purposes, the furniture also has functional and appearance factors.

Components of wrought iron furniture


The material of wrought-iron furniture is mainly iron, and there are cloth and solid wood.

Processing technology

Tough and durable, not easy to rust, metallic texture


Wrought iron home furnishings are rich in materials and exquisite in style.

Advantages of wrought iron furniture: multi-material combination to get rid of the seasonal constraints of wrought iron furniture

Some consumers believe that because of the nature of the metal material, coupled with the texture and color of the metal itself, wrought iron furniture has obvious summer characteristics, and the use of wrought iron furniture in winter will "look cold and feel cold."

But in fact, experts point out that general iron furniture is an organic combination of metal materials and other materials. The advantages of two or more materials are neutralized in furniture. Such iron furniture will not make consumers feel that it is summer when they use it. It's hot and cold in winter. Most of the accessories made of separate metal materials are accessories.

How to buy iron furniture and its advantages and disadvantages

Among iron art furniture, the combination of "metal cloth art" and "metal solid wood" is known. The furniture is a combination of metal and fabric, which is delicately carved to create a strong romantic French atmosphere. The rustic combination of metal and solid wood gives people a sense of simplicity and quaintness, but at the same time, it does not lose the thick and quiet style of solid wood. In addition, "metal leather", "metal glass", and "metal plastic" can also create exquisite iron furniture. Because these furniture use more avant-garde materials, most of the furniture produced is also used to promote fashion, Simple life concept. It can be seen that no matter what kind of life taste you want to pursue, you can always find inspiration in iron furniture and add a few bright colors to your life.

Iron art, with its unique wind resistance, aging resistance, and insect resistance, makes it a place in furniture manufacturing materials. Iron art furniture, with its metal texture, beautiful appearance, and excellent performance, is becoming more and more popular. Land is favored by consumers. Imagine that on a hot summer day, if you place a set of dining tables and chairs with metal backs indoors, will it immediately cool your dining environment? In addition to simple and cool, some iron furniture with its unique golden appearance, It can also create a thick and gorgeous palace feel.

How to buy iron furniture and its advantages and disadvantages

Iron furniture purchase: start with the details and choose the suitable iron furniture

What kind of wrought iron furniture can I choose to use longer? It is understood that when buying, you must first confirm whether the furniture has been treated with anti-corrosion treatment. Due to the limited performance of the metal itself, the metal parts of the furniture without anti-corrosion treatment or improper treatment are easy. Rust in wet environments. Secondly, all metal parts of iron furniture are welded. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check whether each welded part and each metal bend is firm, smooth and without obvious protruding wrinkles. Third, check whether the riveting of metal parts and steel pipes is firm and whether the rivet cap is smooth and flat without burrs. Finally, touch it with your hand as a whole to see if the surface of the furniture is smooth and there are no traces of bumps, depressions or bumps.

Iron furniture maintenance: ventilate and dry, take good care of iron furniture

Although iron furniture has superior wind resistance, aging resistance, and insect resistance, experts still remind that if it is used improperly in daily life or does not pay attention to maintenance, the gloss of the surface of iron furniture will gradually dim. Therefore, consumers should pay special attention to the maintenance of iron furniture during use.

1. Iron furniture should be placed in a dry and ventilated place. During the cleaning process, it is best not to wipe the surface directly with a damp cloth, and it is best not to leave the humidifier around to avoid furniture corrosion. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible to prevent the metal from undergoing oxidative deterioration or the surface paint color receding and cracking and peeling.

2. It is best not to leave the wrought-iron furniture bought for a long time, and don't forget to clean and dust regularly, because this can also make it rust. When removing dust, it is best to use a cotton cloth, dipped in a mild detergent, and wipe gently. For the dust in the depression, use a soft wool brush to brush off the gap.

How to buy iron furniture and its advantages and disadvantages

3. Try to avoid splashing acidic and alkaline medicines (such as vinegar, soapy water, soda water) that have a corrosive effect on metals. If you accidentally touch them, immediately clean the dirt and wipe them with a dry cotton cloth. In order to prevent the metal from rusting, you can regularly use cotton cloth with a small amount of anti-rust oil or sewing machine oil to wipe the surface layer. If the furniture has rust spots, you can use cotton yarn dipped in engine oil to paint on the rusty area. This will remove the rust marks. Do not directly sand the surface with sandpaper and other rough materials. This will grind the protective coating on the surface of the metal furniture. .

4. Iron furniture should avoid external force. You can choose to place the furniture in a place where other hard objects don't often touch to prevent scratching the paint surface or falling off the chrome layer. It is also necessary to avoid knocking hard objects on the furniture, otherwise, the paint will fall off and the paint will fall off, and the heavy will collapse, leaving scars and affecting the overall beauty.

5. Chrome-plated iron furniture is most afraid of gas and oil fume. Therefore, iron furniture cannot be placed near gas stoves and coal stoves to prevent gas and oil fume from corroding the chrome plating layer.