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What are the styles of iron flower racks?
2019-05-30 17:28:37

1. Choose according to the spatial pattern: the size and specifications of the iron flower rack are different. Before choosing this product, it is suggested to determine the placement position and space of the flower rack first, so as to select the appropriate size of the iron flower rack.


2. Choose according to the decoration style of the living room: Because there are many shapes of the iron art flower rack, it is necessary to determine the decoration style of the living room before choosing it. The flower rack selected according to the decoration style can better highlight the decoration effect of the living room.


3. Choose according to the installation form: Flower rack installation generally has two types: mobile and wall-mounted, which can be placed on the balcony.


Maintenance of Tieyi Flower Frame


The service life of iron products will be greatly reduced if the maintenance is not in place. Some flower racks are placed on the balcony, after ordinary sunshine and rain, it is easy to rust. So, how can maintenance avoid these problems? 1. Avoid being knocked and touched.


2. Keep clean and carry out dust removal process regularly.


3. Do not contact with acid-base substances.


4. Avoid damp areas, often placed in ventilation.


5. For long rusty flower racks, good elimination.