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Wrought Iron Furniture Overview
2020-03-20 10:53:57

Wrought Iron Furniture Overview

Iron furniture refers to furniture made with artistically processed metal products as the main material or partial decorative materials. It is both a material product and an artistic creation, which is the dual characteristic of furniture that people often say.

Therefore, iron art furniture is not only a simple functional material product, but also a widely popular art, which makes people get aesthetic pleasure and desired spiritual needs in the process of contact and use.

Features of wrought iron furniture


Iron furniture has a long service life. In addition to the characteristics of iron itself, iron furniture will have a layer of paint on its outer layer to prevent oxidation, so it has the characteristics of anti-aging.

Strong collocation

Wrought iron furniture is known for its combination of "metal + fabric" and "metal + solid wood". No matter what kind of matching method, you can find a suitable matching method from it, and the decorative effect is outstanding.

"Cold" texture

Iron itself has the characteristic of "coldness", and wrought iron furniture also has a unique metallic "cold" texture, thus gaining the favor of young people who pursue cold personality.

Strong plasticity

Compared with wood products, iron furniture has a variety of colors and shapes, and the degree of personalization and plasticity of the shape are slightly better. Generally speaking, solid wood can't make some special shapes, and the price of solid wood is high, both in terms of materials and labor. The shape of iron art can be adjusted according to the owner's preferences and the needs of the shape, and the price is relatively low. In terms of MDF, the color of iron design can be freely adjusted according to the style, which is also a major feature.

Appreciation of wrought iron furniture

When iron is tempered into furniture, iron furniture becomes the art of iron and fire, the embodiment of steel strength and tenderness. There is no lack of gentleness in the cold, so that people start to love iron furniture in modern home improvement!

Living Room

▲ The flexible use of ironwork elements makes the ironwork partition more quaint and heavy, with a sense of historical precipitation.

▲ The minimalist lines and transparent glass coffee table have no unnecessary complicated decoration, but make the fashion sense of the space double.

▲ The ultra-thin sticker chandelier skeleton + naked bulb hides a hard heart under the gentle appearance, so that the modern beauty of simplicity and complexity fills the entire space.

▲ The unique texture of iron art makes people feel cold and primitive, but when it is fused with the warmth of the light, they can get along well between rigidity and softness.

▲ The diamond chair designed by the iron grid is soft and natural, just in line with the curve of the human body. With the slender and straight long pole wall lamp, the entire living room is relaxed and full of modernity.

▲ Tieben is stiff, but with a round design, such a round-headed wall-mounted rack on the wall instantly makes the edges and corners of the wall less rigid.

Bedroom articles

▲ The design of wrought iron bed frame adds noble texture to the bedroom, and the elegant curve also adds a touch of softness.

▲ Slim and soft no longer look like iron.

▲ Metal and cloth art, one rigid and one soft, make iron art no longer the legendary tough guy image. The exquisite carving allows the wrought-iron bed to create a strong European atmosphere.

▲ Iron art + black seems to be tougher, but with the clear texture of the logs and the neutrality of the fresh green plants, it is more quiet and soft.

▲ Clear and exquisite, the perfect combination of iron art and glass, mirrors, and cloth art fully explains the quality of life that women are pursuing. This is what the dressing table looks like.

▲ The bedroom's iron furniture more uses curved design, and the combination of fresh tones and metallic colors creates a warm and comfortable rest environment.

Restaurant articles

▲ The iron toughness and the softness of the logs just balance the various characteristics of the space, creating a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere.

▲ It is a dining table with solid wood, a dining chair with leather upholstery, and it complements white walls and warm-colored rugs. It can never find the irony coldness.

▲ The industrial style design with black and white and gray as the main color makes the restaurant rigorous, but the fine-lined iron dining chair brings a touch of briskness to black.

▲ Iron bars chairs with light lines are stacked with geometric shapes and beautiful lines, adding a bit of design texture to the space.

Bathroom articles

▲ Exquisite as it is, but still bear like a tough guy, the iron locker in the bathroom must not only be beautiful, but also powerful.

▲ The bathroom rack is indispensable. It occupies a small area, but the iron design makes it versatile and small.

▲ Iron furniture in the bathroom is always small and delicate, and the original toilet paper holder can also be retro.

▲ Simple but not monotonous, the cold iron art also hides a touch of tenderness, but it has a little more charm.

▲ The iron mirror is designed into the shape of the sun, plus rich colors, instead it becomes a warm decoration.

Key points for iron furniture purchase

1. Look at the material of iron furniture

The iron artist has a basic combination of metal glass, metal leather, metal solid wood, and metal fabric. Pay attention to the material when selecting. You can start by touching, observing colors, and checking brightness. Good iron products usually feel smooth and flat, the material looks more textured, not hard to touch, and the color is relatively full.

2. Look at the style of iron furniture

When choosing iron furniture, you should consider the overall style of the house. If the home decoration is mainly in cold tones, the iron furniture you choose should be solid wood plus iron furniture, and the color should be bronze and golden yellow. Because the cold tones are placed in the eyes and the warm tones are tilted forward, do not place them. Reverse.

3. Look at the crafts of iron furniture

When buying iron furniture, it is generally necessary to check whether the iron components are anticorrosive. Otherwise, the furniture is susceptible to rust. In particular, pay attention to whether the anticorrosive treatment of the joints between the metal materials is good and there are no obvious defects.

4. See details of wrought iron furniture

Pay attention to the details when buying iron furniture. For example, some furniture will have some patterns, such as petals. At this time, we must pay attention to whether the process is delicate and whether there are broken lines.

5, watch iron furniture welding

Generally, the welding points of good iron furniture products are not exposed. Check the quality of wrought iron furniture and you can use a hard object to strike the welded parts of the furniture. If the quality is good, the traces of the strike are generally the same as the color of the coin. If the quality is not good, the color of rust will generally appear.

Maintenance method of iron furniture

Clean dust

It is best to use cotton knitwear as a rag to wipe the surface of iron furniture. For the dents in the furniture and the embossed decoration, it is best to use a fine soft wool brush to remove the dust.

Away from the sun

The furniture should be placed away from direct sunlight outside the window. The iron furniture has been exposed to the sun for a long time, which will change the color of the paint; the paint layer will crack and peel, and the metal will oxidize and deteriorate. If you can't remove the furniture in strong sunlight, you can cover it with curtains or blinds.

Avoid bumps

This is the first thing to notice after purchasing iron furniture. The furniture should be handled carefully during handling; the place where iron furniture is placed should be where hard objects do not often come into contact; once the place is selected, it should not change frequently. ; The floor on which iron furniture is placed should also be kept level, so that the legs of the furniture are stable and level. If it is unstable, it will cause slight deformation of iron furniture and affect the service life of the furniture.

Isolate moisture

The humidity in the room should be maintained within normal values. Furniture should be kept away from the humidifier. Humidity will cause metal rust and chrome plating to peel off. When cleaning the furniture, do not wash it with boiling water. Wipe it with a damp cloth, but do not wash it with running water.

Stay away from acids and bases

Acids and alkalis that have a corrosive effect on iron are the "number one killer" of iron furniture. If iron furniture is accidentally stained with acid (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar) and alkali (such as methyl alkali, soap water, soda water), it should be used immediately. Rinse the dirt with clean water, then wipe dry with a dry cotton cloth.

Eliminate rust

If the furniture is rusted, do not sandpaper it for yourself. If the rust is smaller and shallower, you can use cotton yarn dipped in engine oil to coat the rust. After a while, wipe it with a cloth to remove the rust. If the rust has been enlarged and heavy, the relevant technicians should be asked to repair it.

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